By: WM Rifdi

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Friday, 12-Jan-2007 07:15 Email | Share | Bookmark
Team Building Event?!

Unsuspecting victims waiting at the Torture Track entrance :P
First, the briefing, then.. the pain!!! :O
Piece of cake? You wish!
I thought i was claustrophobic untill i went tru, guess i'm not!
Climb over a 6ft wall? This is kiddie stuff! :P
Over 8ft wall?! Now thats more manly! :P
Getting down the correct way..
Must have skill if you live on a tree No.1
Must have skill if you live on a tree No.2
Stay cool and you will stay dry..
When i grow up i wanna be a terrorist! :P
The painful ordeal is over.. Or is it?!
A game to see if you can lift your 100kg work mates! :P
Lari terompah berkumpulan: how its done correctly..
Lari terompah berkumpulan: how its NOT done correctly..
Slow and steady ensures you're not last..
How can there not be a gunny sack race?! Mesti ada punyerr.. :P
Tarik tali pon ada...
The loosing team..
The winning team which includes me :P
After all the torture we head to the beach, Milo'O sea water! :(
Aktiviti mencari lala.. bukan N.D.Lala yer.. :P
Baby 9 bulan rileks jer ikut mak pegi keje :D
Dinner time.. Meriah gak menu dia..
I hope never to see this scene again! :P
Where is the rain when u need it most? :P
Log cabins, spent a night there, really sweeeeet! :D
Bungalow over a pool of murky water? I'll pass..
Teepee style accomodation for a change?
Up next.. Go-Kart racing! :D
Safety briefing before the race..
The start..
The winner..
Team Torturing cum Building Event at Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson

It was painful.. it was tiring.. but i'll have a go at it again if given the chance
I dont have much to say but go look at the pics, a picture is worth a thousand words! And i'll be loading about 30+ pics.. Thats gotta be worth more then 30,000 words!!!

Pics courtesy of my office mates armed with some serious dslr hardware..

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